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Energy from sun, wind, and thermal energy

Replace your roof with renewable energy now


1 roof
3x more energy
365 days of energy

Replace your roof with renewable energy now


more energy

days of energy

Sustainability has never been so easy.

“For my family, my house and my company, I choose renewable energy at all times.” hero – high energy roof

See for yourself

Simply more energy.


Standard solar installation



With hero. you produce up to three times more clean energy compared to a standard solar system.

The unique system of the hero. solutions enable autonomous energy supply on any surface.

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For pitched roofs

Maximum energy yield

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For all roofs

Maximum use of space


“The whole roof area ?!

The compact hero. modules cover every area more efficiently, despite obstacles such as chimneys and windows. Thus, you will generate even more energy.

Be amazed

Wow, three times more energy!

Thanks to the natural resources of sun, wind and thermal energy, it for the first time is possible to generate more energy. The patented cooling system of the hero. modules helps to improve the energy production.

Great, more pocket money!

Investing in renewable energy now pays off more than ever. The hero. modules achieve lowest costs per kWh thanks to their higher energy production. This results in a higher economic efficiency and thus a higher return on investment for you.

Safe now

Benefit from

Energy. Safety. Independence.


The hero. modules use renewable energy from sun and wind.


The hero. solutions offer protection and safety for your whole family.


Generate your own energy and become independent.

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